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[爆笑影片]If penguins win, it's because of their firepower

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There are a couple of other skills, asking fans to sing the national anthem and hope that flooded the Blackhawks loyal. Nashville needs a strong Western began to enter the best home court advantage in the 28-9-4 - Flame team, 1 games, 10 in the afternoon, the United States Giordano networkwaiting: 12-6-3 to flame without captain Mark Giordano, who put his left arm in March 4th. The defense is skating, but the first playoff six years Calgary will depend on how to survive without him.rested Eddie: the Canucks coach Willie Desjardins said, Eddie Lack will be in line with the flame, but he hit 22 in the past 23 games in Vancouver. He missed the last regular season of the game and gave the 27 year old Swede some best rest. Vancouver will also come back striker Brad Richardson, who has only played two times since mid January has been injured from an injured foot. The Associated Press - sports writer Howard Fendrich in Arlington, Va. contributed to this report. Senator assistant coach reed died of cancer 55ottawa years old, Ontario - Mark Reeds, the playoff bound for Ottawa senator and former NHL player assistant coach, died on Tuesday. He is 55. Reeds has been fighting cancer for over a year, and the news comes that a team has dealt with a blow to cancer diagnosis by general manager Bryan Murray.cheap winter classic jerseys Boss Eugene Melnyk praises reed charismatic fighting spirit... Till the end. Murray said the team lost a very important member... Our senator's family. Reed is an assistant in Ottawa since 2011, coached Owen Sound to attack the Ontario Hockey League championship. He was the 1/5 round draft of the Saint Louis 1979 and the blues and the Hartford whaling ship played a NHL game of 365. Mark Reeds promises to give us the avatar of the game, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement. Mark spent 35 years in 10 different stations in six different leagues, and all NHL shares by his selfless dedication touched by sorrow. Open the playoffs against the Montreal senators on Wednesday night, they could not hit the end of the season in the wild card race in the lead. We just want to win, Kyle Turris said. This is what he (Reed) wants. Just give us everything, to keep winning, to enter the playoffs, only to do we can win, this is what we do for him. Reed is remembered for his humor, passion for games and player abilities. I personally can say I'm a better hockey player because of him, Senator Erik captain Karlsson. I respect him very much. He's a great coach, a better guy and a friend.

He was always happy, he helped shape the team, what was it. Senator Dave Cameron coach Jiangrenleishui, he talked about and reed, Positioning, just details, he said. He is a perfectionist. He likes the game. We watched a lot of video and reconnaissance in the back room.... Many times, we put the chair back, this is not hockey, it is life. Murray, who revealed he had stage 4 colon cancer in November, said reed met the team about 10 days ago, telling them to keep winning. Murray confident players will rise in time. I hope they treat it as Mark, Murray said. He said he had let us win everything last time. So we use hope in a positive way. Added defender Marc Methot said: it's not easy, not fun this morning. We only unite now focused on the playoffs and Reeder do. Reeds, who was born in Toronto, left his wife and children, Marie, Kyle and Kelsey. Goalkeeper Fleury stabilizing force for unstable PenguinsPittsburgh (The Associated Press) Marc Andre Fleury cut his hair in his right ear and the next five minutes deflection much in the same way to praise the Penguins of Pittsburgh goalkeeper effortlessly turn 1685 times in different seasons in any occupation in his career for 11 years. His club record and NHL succession high 10? Coach Mike Johnston more defense oriented system products.Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys wholesale He shows that even often for the star studded lineup in front of him muddle through crazy void play stretch calm? It's just a byproduct of ten years in the league. Sense of security from four years of contract extension? This is general manager Jim Rutherford. I'm just trying to do my job, Fleury said. I don't want to make things complicated. But that is a player who has spent many years in the past hard in the shadows, sometimes superstar teammates Sidney · Crosby and Evgeni Malkin; spotlight command. Not this season. Not with Malkin and striker Kris Letang missed a number of injuries. Not with Crosby trying to create similar chemistry with changing linemates. Pittsburgh did not win 1/9 consecutive playoff berth to the last day of the regular season, the buffalo Fleury out of a tragic crash stop 28 fitting 2-0 victory. A question mark, the last two springs before he temporarily lost his start to work Tomas Vokoun in the playoffs - Fleury is now a constant state in traffic over the past five months with several constants. He is also Pittsburgh's biggest asset, it tries to break the New York Rangers in the eastern playoffs in the first round of each game he played. He gave us a chance, striker David Perron said. Fleury was one of the best 2.32 goals against average and he. 920 preservation rate is only a hook. 921 he stuck in the injury only played the regular season full of 2007-08 years.

Press Fleury on how he provides stability 'I think it's a pretty good season,' he said. Finally a little depressed, a little hard. If you look at our injuries and 82 games, we've done a good job all season. No penguin is also a better Fleury than being chosen as the most valuable player teammate for him to deal with adversity in his way. This is a peace of mind sweat. It is also associated with territory when you play the position that is so visible. Save his huge Nicklas in Detroit Lidstrom in the 2009 Stanley Cup finals third games to preserve Pittsburgh's last second title 7. It is thought to mark the beginning of a dynasty. Six years later, still in search of a glorious Penguin bookend throughout May and June, Fleury served as a hot topic of fans ridicule. Do a Twitter Search during one of his poor performance, you can find the label (hash) blamefleury, which might consider him to accept every non hockey end up behind him no matter how many mistakes in front of him to some extent. Players fight hard, he is because he never during the game at any time, in the power to play, we gave up a split, do not blame anyone, Johnston said. He always takes his own responsibility. Fleury spent so much time in the shadows it's easy to forget his first cornerstone in team Renaissance, take the 2003 draft and mission learning opportunities for a lack of any identity of the 2006 club.Morgan Rielly Home jersey Crosby and Malkin and their gorgeous splendor come, making Fleury a little thankless position. If penguins win, it's because of their firepower. If they lose, this is because if the movement between the occasional fickle guy pipe. Now Fleury has to do is to find a way to beat the New York Henrik Lundqvist, he closed a year ago for the Rangers penguins win their Eastern Conference semifinal series Rangers in seven games behind the 1-3. Deep, confident and a roll. Pittsburgh became the fifth team in the past ten years to knock the headmaster award winner Fleury will have to find a way he can better handle it now than ever before. I would like to have a lot of athletes, how you deal with adversity, how you deal with the situation, how you deal with challenges, the development of your semester courses as a player, Johnston said. It's a lot of power now that he maybe three years ago, and it wasn't a big force for him about four years ago. He has locked the flyers GM coach Berub hextall refused to let the fatecraig Berube decision is still Philadelphia's coach -- now. Flyers general manager Ron Hextall said on Wednesday that he had not made a decision after the Berube fate of a season team missed the playoffs. Best, flyers players, cool comments this week 33-31-18 Berube below (84 points) season, I want to do my due diligence, it is appropriate to decide, Hextall said. Once I get there, we let people

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