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[趣味寶貝]Crawford's speed, strength and defense

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April 9th at-bat.even sad in his belt buckle, Sandoval's Red Sox deal was only half done, it has been one of the biggest contracts in the history of Major League baseball. This is in the absence of a specific order of the first 10 look at the contract: $95 million, $5. After a season plus 2016 minutes, Sandoval made a war of about 2.2. In addition to a major turning point in Sandoval, he has never been a prominent figure in San Francisco, the transaction will be the worst time. Still three years, $57 million and thousands of questions and columns about his weight wait, so time will tell. Now we have to give his doubts say there is the opportunity to leave the list, but this is a risky contract: 8 years, $121 million, in baseball history the biggest wage to the sinkerballer then-28-year-old. With huge consequences: from his contact with the Colorado air would destroy the pressure on Hampton. In the execution of the transaction before Hampton released a lifetime 6.88 times at Coors field. It did not improve too much, once he moved there full-time: more than 62 started in 2001 and 2002, Hampton averaged a brutal 5.75 times and 1.67 lashes and registered war in 2002 - 1.9. In the two of a miserable season, the Rockies had some money, put Hampton in the Atlanta Warriors (and Florida Marlins) 13 team deal, contract: 6 years, $80 million, the 1995 American League MVP highest paid baseball in each season salary ($13.3m). After his first regular season game Angel uniforms, first baseman chasing a foul pop fly into the dugout, fell down the stairs, a sprained ankle, sent him to the 15 day disabled list.cheap authentic mlb jerseys from china With 1999 and 2000 of the big Vaughan hit the home run, hit the ball, hit the ball, hit the 69 home. 276. 503; not bad, but he also led the union of the three vibration of 2000 (181), a total of only 3.6 of the war in the span of two years. Vaughan also did not provide the leadership of the angel organization is expected, coupled with the failure of his health, he was 2001, when his left arm of the rupture of the biceps muscle, missed the entire season of the two. In December 2001, the angels were enough to send him to the New York metropolis. He played 2 seasons in New York before the chronic knee pain forced him to retire at the age of 2003. Contract: 4 years, the consequences of the:, general manager of Omar want to add some of the explosion of the squad eventually blocked in a 31 year old bad person appeared in only one game in each season of the game in the Minaya. Bay suffered various injuries (concussion, ribs) found themselves in the field row in 2012. Only 26 Bay home run and humble. 234 of the average hit rate of more than three years until he negotiated with the MetS in early to terminate in November of only a few still owed him $21 million contract: $5, $65 million. After trying to support 2001 of its biggest pitchers in the MLB (the age of 5.71), the Rangers took a bunch of cash in the park and got the rewards just in a drive As the first baseman Phil Nevin before the 2005 trading deadline to the priest Park, with the remaining money wages pitcher.

Contract: 8 years, $126 million, the biggest contact with the then pitcher. After 2002 Cy Young winner moneyballed: after leaving Oakland, he was never the same, have disappointed to get booed southpaws 2008 home court in the giant's opener in 2007 and 4.53 times. As he slowed down and the command deteriorated, he wrote an ugly 4.62 times and a whip of 1.44, with a score of 63 wins and a loss of more than seven seasons in the year. Zito admitted the frustration of the fans are not the salvation of the starting dose of 2012, 5 and win the game NLC and combination of 14.1 World Series Game 1 Bureau pitched, three vibration nine times and a run allowed in these efforts. Contract: 5 years, $46 million (including $26m posting fee). Consequences: the Yankees are able to withstand the errors of free players for a long time, but this is in the absence of a large return. Japanese imports in New York and a large exhibition of a little overwhelmed. He started a total of 13 games in a suit, mainly at the time of the 2007, he recorded the number of times in the 67.2 innings of the game in the 6.38. Softball jersey Igawa Kei then got bogged down in the Yankees' little league system, where they played with their delivery and mechanics. He made an unsuccessful start at 2008 in the minors, spent three years collecting millions before returning to the stadium in japan. Contract: 30 years old, when Howard still has two years of contract ($3, $54 million), Philadelphia's expansion of the Howard season 125 million $five. Consequences: hope no riots occurred in Philly, Howard joked that the extension of time. Sigh. A terrible left hander has become a shell of his own shot low. 244 from 2010 to now there are more than three (881) than ((675)). What is worse, he is a limited range in the National League poor fielder, so people can limit the damage in DH (blocking him some personnel to know!) Howard in October 2011 unfortunately torn Achilles tendon, since the return of the 2012, he has launched a full-scale war of up to 3.7 people. Needless to say, the Philadelphia team will not be 2017 of the club's choice of $23 million. Contract: 7 years, $142 million (signed through 2017). Consequences: the title of this one because of the Dodge agreed that Crawford's salary is completely at the age of 31 can also hope to stay healthy and restore his old form of the Red Sox and dodgers. He did not have. From 2011 to 2015, Crawford almost every part of the body will be injured, may be injured (oblique, back, wrist, ankle and hamstring etc.), a total of 359 games. In short, injuries and age have weakened Crawford's speed, strength and defense.

He occasionally flashes 14 times all stars but not long enough, plus $20 million a year for the player's contract: $240 million, $10. After that: only 36 years of age finally entered the hall of fame's commitment to the 10 year of the past 5 years. Saint Louis Three NL MVP paste fancy. 331 hit rate and a OBP of 424 with the cardinal; the angel gets a score of 262. 323 OBP version Pujols, its board cover and discipline are marked. He had 40 home runs and a total of 95 points in's win over the plantar fasciitis, but this was not the same as the year before, which was not the same as the ten year old Albert. What will they get when Pujols is 41 years old? This contract (along with RobinsonCr Cano and Alex · to a certain extent; Luo Federer quz), is warning against to about $2 billion 500 million in a more than and 30 year old, more than 10 years.fox fantasy baseballjoin or create a free leagueplay now! Report: David Ortiz to develop mobile movie 0sharesdavid Ortis playing days, Boston bombing speech may end soon, but his emotional speech after the bombing of the Boston marathon will be retained on the big screen. According to the Hollywood reporter, Boston Red Sox star will re enact the exciting speech for Mark Wahlberg's upcoming movie the Patriot Festival, the focus is the 2013 Boston marathon bombings and terrorist attacks, he at Fenway Park in a speech, he famously said, this is our the * * * city. Many people think that the level of FCC of Ortis rich and colorful language well, but FCC chairman Julius Genachowski said that the Red Sox star, to the heart [and] I sand big daddy. According to reports, Dad won't make a famous speech at Fenway Park, but in front of the South Weymouth Naval Air Station hangar. The film distributors want to patriot's day at the december.fox fantasy baseballjoin or create a free leagueplay now! Adill Mo Lina tore the ball hits the 0shareson push up Monday night against the Philadelphia team after the brushback Brett Oberholtzer from the Molina dirt catcher senior decided to stay in rest and pound several push-ups.nothing like push ups let those PECS shooting. This is bad: This is the first Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said after the match. It seems to work, so we may see it again. If [Molina] hit a home run, he might do every bat on the deck. Short physical training and basic knock? Not a bad board appearance.fox fantasy baseballjoin or create a free leagueplay now! Yingying moved Manny Machado Hardy around the guerrillas; now in the Orioles to organize some 0sharesthe preference to keep the Manny Machado at third bases, his defense is above average, and sometimes does not eat man fireworks. Paul · Machado, however, just at the place of J.J. Hardy, on Tuesday.

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